Originally from Ireland, Craig Byrne is a graduate of University College Dublin where he completed a Joint Major, Honours Bachelor Degree in Economics and Philosophy. Growing up in a small tight knit village in County Wicklow, Craig understood from a very young age the value that exists in a home. With a strong sense of family and community values, Craig Byrne is sincerely passionate about real estate and the responsibilities entrusted to him through his role of a realtor.

Being so far away from my family has allowed me to understand what the concept of home truly means. I now understand the value that exists in a home and why the real estate process matters so much to our clients because a home is not just a house, it is a feeling.
- Craig Byrne Ⓑ⁣

Before moving to Canada, Craig was working in the insurance industry as a sales associate and renewals advisor. His customer service roles have given him a true insight into customer behaviour and he knows exactly what it means to be a service provider. Craig Byrne has been a partner of The Baird Real Estate Team since 2017 and has quickly excelled in real estate.

Craig’s priority is to be a pillar of support for each of his clients. His goal in real estate is to be viewed as someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. He is not afraid to speak the truth and is willing to go to bat for his clients in order to get them exactly what they deserve. Craig Byrne viewed his emigration to Canada as a chance to grow and succeed – everyday we witness him do this with The Baird Real Estate Team.

Craig Byrne The Baird Real Estate Team

"Incredibly helpful, gave us a ton of helpful information and guided us in pricing and timing. We couldn't be happier. Thanks so much Craig"
- selling client Susan B

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