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Listing Agreement: Seller Representation Agreement Authority to Offer for Sale

OREA Form 200

This form is a contract between a Seller and Royal LePage Baird Real Estate that gives our brokerage permission to act on the Seller’s behalf when they offer their home for sale in the open market. A written agreement is necessary in order to secure commission and to ensure compliance with the REBBA Code of Ethics. The Agreement identifies the parties involved, specifies the time period for the contract, commission to be paid, and if the house will be offered for sale exclusively with Royal LePage Baird Real Estate, or on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The Baird Team and Royal LePage Baird Real Estate are here to protect the Sellers interests every step of the way.

MLS Data Information Form – Freehold

OREA Form 290

This form outlines all characteristics of the home that will be featured on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Information that is collected includes the specifics of the location, contracts dates, taxes, exterior features, interior features, room measurements and description of the home.

Working With A Realtor

OREA Form 810

This form is required under Section 10 of the Code of Ethics to fulfill the requirements of Information before agreements. The first section of this form highlights that a contract for real estate services is with the Royal LePage Baird Real Estate. The Baird Team is employed by Royal LePage Baird Real Estate as representatives to provide the services of the brokerage. Royal LePage Baird Real Estate falls under the responsibility of the Broker of Record. Also important to note that the consumer is entitled to know the different types of service relationships that are available.

The first type of relationship is a client relationship. It is important to note that this is the highest level of relationship between The Baird Team and a consumer. There are duties which the law states are mandatory to a client called fiduciary duties. The “client” arrangement is created through a representation agreement. Clients can be Sellers or Buyers. For Sellers the representation agreement comes in the form of a Listing Agreement. While in a client relationship Royal LePage Baird Real Estate and The Baird Team must protect the interests of the client and not disclose confidential information. In a customer relationship, The Baird Team is still required to treat the customer with honesty, fairness and integrity but the services will be on a restricted level. It is possible that our brokerage and team will be representing more than one client on a transaction or where there is more than one offer on a property. Where Royal LePage Baird Real Estate represents more than one client on a transaction, this is called multiple representation.