Standard Poodles In Need

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July 5th will see the 2nd year of the Michael Baird Golf Classic. This event was first created in order to raise proceeds for some very important programs and charities in our community. More importantly we hope that in highlighting these organizations and programs, we can bring awareness to their amazing work. One of these organizations is SPIN and is located right here in Clarington.

SPIN (Standard Poodles In Need) is a  non-profit, foster- based organization that rescues and re-homes dogs. All dogs that enter the program are neutered, micro chipped, vaccinated and have their medical needs attended to before adoption to a family that can provide love and care. The organization ensures that each family looking to adopt a poodle is suitable – It is of highest priority that both family and dog are a perfect match.

We first encountered SPIN earlier this year and have witnessed their work first hand. Currently SPIN are helping a number of dogs but their latest 2 visitors are rescues named Rayne and Valen. These pups are sadly very terrified of humans. They are currently too scared to eat when people are around. Rayne is timid and she shuts down at even the smallest noise or movement. Valen is so terrified that he will urinate and defecate if you attempt to touch him.

They will need months and months of therapy. Painstakingly slow work that will require hours and hours of patience. One wrong move could set any training back to zero. These are the type of dogs that need SPIN , one dreads to think what would happen to them if we did not have this incredible organization.

We sincerely commend everyone at SPIN for their work – you guys humble and inspire us. Thank You!

If you would like to find out more about SPIN follow the link above and check out their webpage!

If you would like to help us support SPIN please join us at the 2018 Michael Baird Golf Classic. Tickets are available now!

Call us on (905) 242 0419 or email mbaird@woodlanddurham.com

Standard Poodles In Need