The 7 Home Features Buyers Want the Most

Posted Jul 22nd 2022 in

When buying a home, certain features are more important than others, and potential buyers will look for specific features before making an offer. 

Every homebuyer will have a checklist of the things they want, and the following are the features buyers want the most:

1. Location 

While the home itself is very important, its location is equally if not more important. Most buyers have an ideal location in mind and will only consider purchasing a home if it is in their desired location. This dream location can be an urban core or a house surrounded by lush forestry. Location is a primary concern for most people searching for a new home and is generally the first consideration when shopping for a home.


2. Open concept design

Open concept floor plans are very popular because this interior layout is aesthetic and comfortable. Additionally, the interior of a home will appear bigger, so buyers will be drawn to a home with open floor plans. Multiple rooms and walls on the main floor are outdated, and buyers will walk away from this design as it’s unappealing and tight. A home that seems spacious and airy will generate a lot of interest, and buyers will gravitate toward this feature.


3. A beautiful exterior

The exterior appearance of your home will set the tone for the interior. The outside of the house is the most noticeable feature, and a damaged, dirty, or outdated exterior will cause buyers to walk away more quickly. However, a beautiful landscape and clean property will entice buyers to come inside to look at the rest of the home. The key is to make a great first impression, starting with the home’s exterior—so your backyard and front yard must be beautiful and inviting.


4. Energy-efficiency

This will result in savings, so all homebuyers will look for energy-efficient appliances and windows. These will help keep energy costs low, so the homeowner will not face expensive monthly bills. New windows and doors are highly valued by potential buyers, and this is one aspect they will ask about. When a home can offer this feature, buyers will pay more, knowing they will save money in the long run.


5. Updated kitchen

Many people will spend a significant amount of time in their kitchen, so this space needs to be updated. Most home buyers will not want to spend additional time or money on renovations before moving into a recently purchased home. When a kitchen is new, buyers will be quick to make an offer because this is where families gather to eat, cook and entertain.


6. Master bathroom

This is an important factor for many buyers, and a master bathroom will have a sink, bathtub, and shower and must be accessible from the master bedroom. Potential buyers will want a private bathroom, and having one in the largest bedroom will make a home more desirable.


7. Laundry room

Today’s homebuyers want to see a dedicated laundry room, which is becoming a priority on many people’s lists. A laundry room upstairs and close to the bedrooms would be even more appealing as this will provide homeowners with convenience. Laundry rooms are now a must-have for many buyers, so they will look for a dedicated space to take care of laundry duty and simplify this process. 

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