Why virtual home tours are an effective tool in the real estate industry

Posted Feb 15th 2022 in

Due to the pandemic, many real estate agents began using virtual open houses and home tours to complete their showings. This is primarily during strict social distancing orders. The pandemic was a huge global event that caused many people to change their current living situations, working conditions and more. This is why virtual tours are practical tools and why you should expect them to be here to stay.

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours can include a wide range of ideas and processes. One example is an interactive floor plan included with your home tours. These can be available for potential buyers to view on-demand online. Or, your virtual home tour could feature an online open house event where you tour your home virtually to a group of interested buyers all at once. One more idea is to keep things personal, and video call your clients to walk them through the home using your mobile device’s video camera.

Virtual home tours allow real estate agents to continue showing homes and working during the pandemic. This will enable them to keep themselves and their clients safe while still showing properties. Everyone needs to continue following health protocols and social distancing restrictions. Plus, it’s essential for people looking to buy homes to see potential properties while remaining distanced physically.

Buying homes is one of the most significant financial investments in many individuals’ lives. It can be hard to make this sort of decision when you cannot see a home in person. Virtual tours are a middle ground to help keep real estate agents safe and to help keep their clients satisfied during this unprecedented time.

Individuals who have contracted COVID can also participate in the home buying process through virtual tours. In addition, people who are more at risk or unable to get their COVID vaccination can also safely participate while staying safe.

Offering your clients home tours virtually makes buying homes more accessible for larger groups of the population disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Similarly, those who have physical disabilities might find it harder to travel to different locations to view houses. Plus, many homes are not accessible for those who need ramps, railings, or wider walkways to maneuver through. In this way, virtual home tours are an excellent way to make home touring more accessible than hosting a physical open house.

One more benefit of hosting virtual home tours is that potential buyers who are traveling or are located out of the country or province will still be able to tour the homes they are interested in. Virtual home tours make viewing properties incredibly convenient if you often travel for work or leisure.

Virtual home tours can give your global clients a chance to participate and help reduce the time needed to close the distance physically.

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