Oshawa Neighbourhood FAQs

Posted May 21st 2021 in

Oshawa is a very popular city for individuals and families because the area is experiencing a lot of growth and is very desirable. If Oshawa is the city you’re interested in, you likely have a number of questions, and the following guide will provide you with the answers you’re after:

What are the average home prices in Oshawa?

The average home listing price is roughly around $735,000, although if you break it down into house types, this price will change. This information will vary based on the type of home you are after, so you need to first determine whether you are interested in a house, townhouse or condo unit. On average, homes in Oshawa are listed on the market for about nine days.

What is the cost of a detached home?

The average price of a detached home in Oshawa is $836,000, and this information is based on data provided by Oshawa MLS. On average, detached homes remain on the market for about eight days.

What is the cost of a condo?

This will depend on the size of the unit and the number of bedrooms you are after. The average condo has a listing price of $489,000, but a 2-bedroom condo has an average price of $606,000 while a 1-bedroom condo has an average price of $534,000.

What is the most expensive neighbourhood in Oshawa?

Rural Oshawa, Kedron, Northwood and Taunton are considered the most expensive neighbourhoods to buy a home in Oshawa. Rural Oshawa is the most expensive neighbourhood, and the average home has a listing price of $1,168,000.

What is the cheapest neighbourhood in Oshawa?

Central, Lakeview, Vanier and O’Neill are considered the cheapest neighbourhoods to buy a home in Oshawa. Central is said to be the most affordable, and the average house has a listing price of $609,000.

What cities are close to Oshawa?

Whitby, Prince Albert, Ajax and Pickering are the closest cities to Oshawa. Prince Albert is the most affordable with an average home price of $237,000, and Pickering has the highest average home price of $1,158,000.

Are townhouses popular in Oshawa?

There are a number of townhouses for sale in the Oshawa real estate market at the moment, and the average listing price is $689,000.

Do most people rent or buy homes in Oshawa?

More people are buying homes, and the percentage of people owning their homes is significantly higher than those who rent. Rental units are available in Oshawa, so you can explore this option if you don’t want to buy something just yet, and the average monthly rental fee is about $1,800.

Oshawa is a great city, so if you’re interested in moving to this area, The Baird Team can help! We will listen to your needs and will show you houses for sale accordingly. If you’re ready to look at homes in Oshawa and want to work with a reputable real estate agent, contact our team today!