Townhouse vs House: Everything You Need to Know

Posted Jun 14th 2022 in

When looking for a home, you will come across different properties, including townhouses and houses. If you are interested in both options, you need to learn about the advantages of each to make an informed decision for yourself and your family. 

While townhouses and houses do share some similarities, there are distinct differences between the two:

A townhouse is a single-family home that generally features multiple floors and is part of a row of at least three houses of a similar style. They tend to be smaller in terms of square footage when compared to a home and are usually narrower. Townhouses are sometimes located in communities that have their own rules and regulations for property owners to follow. Some townhouses have small patios, a front yard, and/or a backyard, and some communities have access to common areas and shared amenities. This can include a pool, tennis court, or recreational area, and monthly fees will have to be paid in these situations.

A house is a single-family property that usually features more indoor and outdoor space as there are no common areas. Homes will vary in terms of shape, style, and size and almost always come with a front and back yard. There are no community regulations, so you can complete repairs and renovations whenever you like as you do not have to abide by any rules, and you will get to enjoy increased square footage. Houses tend to be bigger than townhouses, and you can choose between different architectural styles. 

Key differences include:

  • Overall structure and appearance. Townhouses are very similar, so you will not get to choose from various building styles and types. On the other hand, houses will have a unique appearance, and you will get to look at different shapes, room sizes, dimensions, and layouts. 
  • Maintenance. The townhouse developer will be responsible for maintenance if you purchase a townhouse that is part of a community with shared areas. At the same time, those who buy a house will be entirely responsible for maintenance. This means you would be responsible for both the structure and exterior maintenance. It’s important to note that not all townhouses are part of a community, and you may have land ownership in some cases. In these situations, you would be responsible for maintenance. 
  • Costs. This is one of the most significant factors you must consider when buying property. The upfront cost of a townhouse is usually lower than the upfront cost of a house of a similar size, although you have to consider the monthly fees that may come with the townhouse, which you would have to pay on a monthly basis. These fees will help pay for outdoor space maintenance and a pool but will not necessarily increase the property’s resale value. 
  • Independence. If you purchase a townhouse that is part of a community, you will have to follow the rules and regulations, which may limit what you can do. Shared walls are also part of the equation, which may result in more noise. On the other hand, a free-standing house will be under your control as you are the owner.

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