What Hurts a Home Appraisal? Top Things to Consider

Posted Nov 4th 2021 in

There are a number of factors that go into a home appraisal, and certain improvements must be completed before you list your house on the market. A home appraiser will instantly notice whether or not you’ve cared for your home and will determine its value by inspecting different aspects, including the location and condition of your property.

Many of the key external factors are beyond your control, and things like land use, the size of your lot, parking, the age of your home, the roof and foundation type and access to public utilities will all be considered. Square footage, appliances, recent renovations, and basement and attic features will also be taken into consideration. While some of these aspects cannot be changed, there are home appraisal factors that you can control, so consider renovations as this can make a very big difference. You have the power to improve your home, so you can renovate your basement, which would provide additional living space and can add more bathrooms, for example. These steps would increase the value of your home, so renovations should be done before you list your house for sale.

Outdated rooms or a dingy basement will hurt your appraisal because it will show a lack of care, and your home will be less valuable as a result. Not as many people will be interested in your home as it would require a lot of work, and most buyers do not want to renovate right away. They expect the house to be in livable condition, so you need to take charge by completing any necessary renovations.

Cleanliness is another important factor, so your house must be clean before an appraiser comes to visit your property. Declutter the house and clean every room because this will allow you to show off all the great features of your house, both on the inside and out. The exterior of your home is equally as important as the interior, so trim your bushes, rake the leaves and mow your lawn. Appraisers will notice whether or not your property is in good shape, and this will affect their assessment. Dated finishes and appliances should be replaced; otherwise, this, too, can hurt your appraisal.

Focus on obvious repairs, update your home as much as you can, and never delay necessary maintenance tasks because a leaky roof, for example, would hurt your appraisal quite a bit. When making improvements, be careful that you don’t select designs or décor elements that are too specific because buyers may not share your taste, and this would work against you when selling your home.

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