Why Is Nobody Bidding on This House Except Me?

Posted Sep 19th 2022 in

If you ever find yourself as the only bidder on a home on offer night, your initial reaction will be joy and excitement. However, you may then start to panic, especially if you’re used to competing with multiple other potential buyers. You will begin to wonder if there’s something you missed and will question why nobody else wants to live there. 

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It is genuinely concerning when you are the sole person bidding on a home. While there may be something wrong with the house or location, there can also be other contributing factors that are unrelated to the actual property. 

You may have come across an excellent opportunity to purchase a home without competition, and the following are some of the reasons why houses don’t get several offers:

  1. A similar home is accepting offers on the same day, and most people gravitated toward that other house.
  2. The photos of the home are terrible, and potential buyers are ignoring the home due to poor photography.
  3. The home was marketed poorly, and the right buyers did not get a chance to see the house.
  4. The listing agent did not categorize the property correctly on MLS and made a mistake regarding the type of home and its location.
  5. Bad timing. Bad weather or COVID-19-related issues and illnesses may have prevented people from seeing the home.
  6. The asking price was too high, which failed to encourage multiple offers. A home must be in line with buyer expectations; otherwise, they will think it is overpriced and will walk away.
  7. Failure to stage the home. If a home does not “show well,” potential buyers will walk away, which is why the home must be clean and beautifully staged. This will allow people to envision themselves living there and see the opportunity at hand.
  8. Difficulty making an appointment to see the home. Sellers must be flexible when showing their home, and the process must be convenient for buyers. Odd showing times, short appointments and requiring too much advance notice will work against the seller as fewer people will see the home.
  9. The seller being home during showings can discourage potential buyers, making things uncomfortable. When a seller stays home, showings will be very short, and questions will be avoided, which may ruin the opportunity to love the house.
  10. Difficulty reaching the listing agent. If a buyer and their agent cannot get a hold of the listing agent, they will move on to another property which is why sellers must work with agents who are always available to answer questions and return phone calls.
  11. Potential buyers are taking a break from the market because they are tired of bidding wars.

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If you love a house and see that there are no other bidders, this may be a great opportunity. You must do your homework and work with a reputable real estate agent who can provide you with the pertinent information regarding the houses you like.

That’s where we come in! The Baird Team will help you find your dream home, and we will be by your side throughout the process. If you are looking for homes for sale in the Bowmanville, Oshawa, Clarington, and Courtice areas, contact us today at 905-242-2716!