Things to do and Places of Interest in Oshawa

Posted Oct 8th 2021 in

Oshawa is a very fun and exciting city because there are so many things to see and do! This area is a lot more than just a suburb and is known as a prominent centre for sports events and entertainment. There are tons of beautiful parks, and Oshawa is also very rich in culture, so it is a great place to visit or live.

If you’re interested in this area, the following are just some of the things you can do in Oshawa:

Look Around an Estate

This adventure would allow you to wander around the Parkwood Estate. This incredible property was once the residence of Samuel McLaughlin, the founder of General Motors and is now open to the public. You will get to explore the landscape while looking at the architecture and interior design of this magnificent mansion. This Estate is considered a national historic site, and its incredible garden is where a lot of weddings and photoshoots take place.

Admire Art

If you are interested in contemporary and modern Canadian art, you can visit the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, which features over 4,500 works of art. This gallery was opened by the Painters Eleven and features works by them, so you can walk around and look at all of the beautiful art that is displayed on the walls. Paintings, sculptures, and prints can all be seen throughout the gallery.

Gain Knowledge about the Canadian Forces

The Ontario Regiment Museum is a great place to learn and explore for those who are interested in the Canadian Forces. This is where you will find the largest collection of armoured vehicles in the country, along with history and artifacts of the Canadian Forces.

Go for a Nice Walk or Bike Ride

The 994 mile long Waterfront Trail passes through Oshawa and is one of the best places for a walk or bike ride. Parts of this trail are off-road while others are on-road, and it goes through the entire city along the edge of Lake Ontario.

Visit a Beautiful Park

There is a lot of nature to admire in Oshawa, and Darlington Provincial Park is a great place where you can spend a day. There is an abundance of wildlife in this park, and there are so many butterflies that it is actually a part of a conservation program. There is also a beach, picnic facilities, campgrounds, and hiking trails on-site, so you can spend more time here if you like.

Whether you live on your own or have a family, Oshawa is a great place to live because  of its safe and beautiful neighbourhoods. The city is booming, and there is so much to see and do, and the experts at The Baird Team can provide you with more information. Our real estate agents have years of experience working in this area specifically, and we can show you all of the houses for sale in Oshawa. If you want to work with a trustworthy team, contact us today!