What You Need to Know Before Moving To Clarington!

Posted Dec 20th 2021 in

Clarington is a growing municipality that consists of several urban communities, including Newcastle, Bowmanville and Courtice. It is a great place to live, so if you are looking for a new neighbourhood to move into, Clarington is a growing municipality you should consider.

You will experience that small-town charm without being too far from Toronto, and you will love the historic streets, restaurants and shops each community has to offer. You will find plenty of activities in Clarington along with great homes, and the following are just some of the things you need to know before moving to this area:

There are Lots of Festivals and Events

This city is very rich when it comes to festivals and events, and you will find something to enjoy every season. You can attend BrimFest in the winter, Maplefest in the spring, Food Truck Friday in the summer and AppleFest in the fall. If you love delicious food, live music and plenty of activities, Clarington is ideal.

It is the Perfect Place for Outdoor Recreation

Clarington is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and has beautiful forests and trails, so you will be able to go swimming and boating, and your entire family can go on hikes on one of the many popular trails.

You will get to Enjoy the Charm of a Small Town

If you are looking for a quieter and more relaxing place to live, Clarington is ideal because it is known for its slower pace of life when compared to bigger cities like Toronto. Bowmanville, in particular, has wonderful shops, restaurants and boutiques lining its streets, so you will get a sense of that small-town charm, which is often hard to find.

You will have Peace of Mind 

One of the main reasons so many families move to Clarington is safety, which is very important when considering a new neighbourhood. Clarington is a family-friendly city and has a low crime rate, so if safety is a priority for you and your family, Clarington is the place to be.

Affordable Cost of Living

Unlike most areas in the GTA, which are incredibly expensive, Clarington is an affordable place to live even though it is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Clarington offers residents a cheaper option compared to other municipalities because its cost of living is below the national average overall, so you will find comfort in this aspect if you are looking for an affordable place to live.

It is a Family-friendly Environment

In addition to a low crime rate, Clarington also offers residents lower childcare costs, lots of arts and culture, and a promising economy.

If you are interested in this area or want more information regarding Clarington and its other areas including Bowmanville and Courtice, you will need to contact a reputable real estate agent, and The Baird Team can help! We will show you the homes and townhouses for sale in this area and will not rest until we find you the perfect property, so contact us today!